About me

Who am I? Still haven’t figured out completely as life is dynamic, stochastic, and complex system, and the ramification of which is a continually evolving self (too much trash talk eh! sorry!). I am a science enthusiast and enjoy talking about my research and listening to interesting research talks by fellow scientists. I am a fan of xkcd and phdcomics.

A bit about my background. I did my Bachelors and Masters in Biomedical Engineering. I completed my Bachelors from VIT University, Vellore, India, in May 2014. For my Masters I moved to the Netherlands.  I started my Masters in Biomedical Engineering (specialization: Diagnostic Imaging and Instrumentation / Clinical Physics) at the University of Groningen, in September 2014. During this time I got introduced to Machine Learning while doing a research internship at the Neuroimaging center of the University Medical Center Groningen.

The Machine learning algorithms I used during the internship were ‘black box’ methods and my curiosity about ‘what exactly happens in the training of the classifier’, ‘how does the classifier choose’, drove me crazy.  Therefore I approached one of my professors from Computer Science department in the university (who taught us Modelling and Simulation then, and later became my PhD Promoter) and told him I want to know about Machine Learning. Through one of his former PhD students who is a senior scientist at Philips Research Eindhoven, he knew of a possible project there suitable for a Biomedical Engineering student. So in February 2016 I went to Philips Research to carry out my Masters thesis research project which introduced me to healthcare data analysis. I found Data Science and interpretable machine learning beautiful and wanted to learn more.

My PhD journey began in October 2016, in the Intelligent Systems group of the Bernoulli Institute (then JBI), University of Groningen, under the daily supervision of Dr. Kerstin Bunte and with Prof. Dr. Michael Biehl as my promoter and 2nd supervisor, and Prof. Dr. Peter Tino and Prof. Dr.  Wiebke Arlt of University of Birmingham as my external supervisors. During my PhD journey my supervisors gave me ample opportunities to supervise student projects and teach students as TA for courses such as ‘Neural networks and computational intelligence’ and ‘Introduction to Data Science’. I submitted my doctoral thesis titled “Intrinsically Interpretable Machine Learning In Computer Aided Diagnosis” on January 3rd, 2021. On September 10, at 14:30 CET I successfully defended my PhD thesis.

Since November 2019 I have actively started doing science outreach activities and realized that I actually enjoy teaching. I have talked about these activities in my science outreach and public engagement page.

Currently working in Utrecht University, learning in towards Statistical modelling.