Science outreach and public engagement

I have participated in science outreach activities with “I’m a scientist, get me out of here” and their Christmas edition “I’m a Mathematician, get me out of here“. Through these programs I tried to inspire school students towards a STEM career and gave them a simple overview of machine learning and the interpretable models my collaborators and I develop. I urge all scientists who love to talk about their research to give this a try.

And here you can find my profiles for the above two programs, along with the answers I wrote to the questions asked by the school students.
1.) I’m a Scientist profile 
Here are some excerpts from that activity


2) I’m a Mathematician profile


3) That apart I also took part in another outreach program called ‘Skype a scientist‘. href=””>#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter

— Sreejita Ghosh (@GhostbusterSree) April 10, 2020

4) I also enjoy science-writing.  That’s why I submitted an article for a student magazine called Periodiek, run by the students of Mathematics and Physics (FMN )


And here is the link to some amazing lectures on machine learning by my supervisors and collaborators: ML from the experts